Closed Hijab Basic Style Examples

The closed hijab is a good hijab basic style to start with when you’re new to wearing a hijab. It’s simple, easy to master, and doesn’t require much fabric or pins. The closed hijab is also great for summer weather because it keeps your hair off your neck!

Hijab Basic Style Technique

Start with the hijab basic style technique. You can use a scarf or piece of fabric, or even your hairband/hair clip to hold it in place. Pins and clips can also be used to keep it in place. Bobby pins are another option if you’re looking for a way to secure your hijab without the hassle of other fasteners!

Lay The Basic Style Flat

When you first wear your hijab, it may seem like a lot of work to keep it in place. But after a few weeks, you’ll find that it becomes second nature. Here are some tips for keeping your hijab looking neat:

Lay the hijab flat and smooth out any wrinkles before putting on. It will be more likely to stay flat if you do this with each wearing.

Make sure the fabric is taut but not stretched too much or pulled tight; don’t let it hang loose around your face or neck; avoid letting wrinkles develop when possible (e.g., by making small adjustments when necessary).

Wrap The Hijab Basic Style Around

Once you have wrapped the scarf around your head, make sure it is not too tight. This can cause discomfort, and may even be painful if worn for an extended period of time. Also make sure it is not too loose this may allow the fabric to fall off of your head easily, which could lead to embarrassment or even an accident if you’re wearing a hijab in public.

Finally (and perhaps most importantly), make sure that you are happy with the length of your hijab. It should reach from above your eyebrows down at least somewhat past where your shoulders start; if it does not then try re-wrapping until it does so that no skin is exposed when looking down at yourself from above!

Pin The Hijab Basic Style In Place

To secure your hijab, you’ll want to use a pin or hair clip. If you’re using pins, make sure they are placed in such a way that they don’t show through the fabric of your hijab this means placing them on top of and in front of where your head meets your neck (and don’t forget to remove any stray hairs from the area first). You can also secure it with hair clips if you prefer not to use pins.

Tuck It In.

  • Tuck the end of your hijab into the front of your shirt or into the back of your waistband.
  • Tuck it into the back of your pants, or under the top edge if there’s enough space.
  • Tuck it into socks to keep it from showing when you’re wearing shoes or sandals (like flip-flops).

Hijab Basic Style Are Finished!

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the hard part. Now you get to enjoy your new look in comfort and style.

The scarf should be worn so that it covers the hair, ears, neck and shoulders when standing straight up with arms at your side. The scarf should not be too tight or too loose; it should fit snugly but comfortably around your head and neck without restricting breathing or movement of the jaw or chin. The edges of the scarf should come all the way to where they meet at the back of your neck so that they do not hang over any parts of your body when wearing this hijab basic style.

The Closed Hijab is a Good Hijab Basic Style

The closed hijab is a good hijab basic style to start with when you’re new to wearing a hijab. It’s easy to put on, easy to take off and you can wear it with almost any outfit whether casual or formal. The closed hijab basic style is also super easy to style, which means that you don’t need much time or effort in order for your look come together.


If you want to wear hijab but can’t organize it neatly, don’t worry because you can learn it from the article above. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the closed hijab. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!