A Quick Guide for Choosing the Perfect Sofa for Your First Home

If you are buying your first house, you want nothing to go wrong. You want to make sure that everything in your home from furniture to wall colour reflects your style. So, when you are trying to buy sofa online, you should not get something only because it looks exquisite. As this is a big investment, you have to be certain that you are making the right choice. So, here’s a detailed guide on how to pick the perfect sofa for your living room.

Why is it important to buy a sofa after careful consideration?

The sofa seat is the most important furniture piece and the centre of attraction in any living room. So, it has the potential to break or make the entire look of the living space. That is why you must choose your sofa wisely. Luckily, you will find a range of the latest sofa designs online to satiate your unique needs. From classic to retro to modern, your choices are plenty. So, all you have to do is identify the right size, shape and colour of the sofa that will instantly add life to your living room. Now go through this sofa purchasing guide without further delay:

7 things to consider while buying a sofa

1. Room shape and size

The first thing that you have to do before you start looking for sofas is consider the room’s shape and size. So, take measurements of the area you have designated for the sofa set. This way, you can avoid the hassle of exchanging an already-bought sofa. Moreover, many furniture showrooms don’t have an exchange offer, and then you could be stuck with a huge sofa in a small living room. Imagine how awkward it will appear and congested your place will be!

By knowing how big a sofa you can fit in your living room, you can avoid all these problems. It is equally important to decide on a shape as per the space you have. If you have small bedrooms, you should buy a sofa cum bed online to accommodate guests. A sofa cum bed is a smart investment, and these days, they are available in a range of styles and designs.

2. The material used

While buying a sofa cum bed online, don’t get carried away by the look of it or the low price. A sturdy sofa made of good quality material will stay with you for years. So, it makes sense to invest the time and money to get one that is strongly built. And when you have pets and children at home, you have even more reasons to buy a sofa that can withstand all the torture.

3. Consider the comfort and the fit

You will make countless memories on your sofa. It is a place for watching TV, lounging, spending time with visitors, eating, and napping. So, the seats need to be comfortable for every family member. The couch back must support the back, and if you love sleeping on the sofa, the seat needs to be broad enough. When you like a sofa bed design at a local store, keep these factors in mind.

4. Consider the joinery

When you are purchasing a sofa cum bed online, you also have to take note of the joinery. Whether it is a fabric sofa or a leather sofa, you have to check how the frame parts are joined together. You should go for a sofa that has a frame joined with wooden dowels, metal brackets, or corner blocks made of wood. You shouldn’t bring home a couch which is assembled with glues and nails, and it will break soon.

5. Price is a determining factor

While it doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on a sofa, you should also not buy one that is cheap. If a sofa looks appealing to the eye and is cheap at the same time, don’t get tempted unless you test it. Price is certainly a deciding factor, and you must strike a balance. Your aim should be to find a sofa that looks elegant, is made of good material, and is affordable. Buy sofa online during clearance sales to get the best deals.

6. Choose one that goes with the wall décor

Wouldn’t you love getting compliments from friends and relatives each time they visit your new home? It is possible for you to create a warm and inviting living space without spending money on a certified interior designer. All you have to do is choose furniture that goes with the wall décor.

For instance, if the wall is painted in bright shades, you can go for a grey, beige, or white sofa to make the space appear big. But if yours is a standard living room, then choose a sofa in a warm shade to create magic. On the other hand, if the living room’s theme is traditional, you should buy a sophisticated wooden sofa.

7. Choose the fabric wisely

Whether you like bold colours or neutral shades, or patterns, your choice of fabric will have a major impact on the whole room. Natural materials will fade in bright sunlight and will get stained easily. Leather, velvet, and microfiber are all good options.

So, if yours is a big family with kids and pets, textured weaves can be your best choice. They are hard-wearing, and removing stains from them is also easy. Leatherette sofas are water-resistant and relatively cheaper than original leather sofas. Investing in loose covers is also a brilliant idea, as you can remove them and wash them in your washing machine once in a while.


The secret to impressive interior décor is that each element of the house should blend in with the others to form a style. And there is nothing worse than wasting money on furniture that fails to fit with your indoor space. So, take proper dimensions, know about your requirements, compare prices offered by different brands, and check the specifications before you indulge in sofa set online shopping.